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About us


AWIIYA is a thought. A wish. An idea.

A desire to live in harmony. Preserve resources, and seek balance. In thoughts and even more important in actions as well.

Believing that each of us can make a difference.

Thoughts on sustainability are not new.

Even within the industry of fashion and design, however difficult these terms may be

- as the very nature of fashion are frequent changes in style and colors, the new trends.

AWIIYA is nevertheless our desire for balance, for simplicity.

The word itself is a construction, a combination of letters and sounds, that only made sense because the word was added this meaning.

Even greater was the joy, when Google helped us identify other usages of the word…and we discovered that the word has a related root in a spiritual context .... nothing is random or coincidental!

gakina-awiiya is a native american religious expression, meaning something in the line of "we are all related".

In an even more simplified sense, the term "all of us" is understood as all living.

For our world of today, may be framed in another native american expression koyaanisqatsi meaning a world out of balance.

Most people can relate to the development and human influence of nature by (revisiting) the documentary movie of the same name. It is from 1982 but unfortunately still very much relevant…

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