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The textile industry - overview of the production chain and environmental impact

The textile industry has in its own right issues regarding building a sustainable business. A very informative infographic found by Magali An Berthon illustrates the production chain and insights into areas where sustainable thinking makes most sense.

Find the infographic and our comments re rawmaterials and fibers here


PREMIERE VISION - a view to sustainability

- New processes, fibers and materials

Following the visit to Premiere Vision September 19 - 21 we have had time to consider our impressions of the sustainable efforts, especially those shown at the SmartCreation exhibition..

Read our thoughts from SmartCreation here

Premiere Vision sep 2017



Premiere Vision Paris

Of specific interest this year is the headline from the fashion fair Unlocking the potential of sustainable fashion. Ecofriendly creation.

Through PVs Smart Creation platform for study and communications, launched in September  2015, the goal of the Première Vision Group has been to promote the responsible approaches of its exhibitors, and shed light on a new generation of values combining creativity, innovation and sustainability. These create new perspectives and new competitive advantages for the entire creative fashion industry.

Smart Square: a dedicated space found annually at Première Vision Paris Launched in September 2016, the Smart Square is tintende as the visionary, informative and multimedia space where exhibitors, designers, buyers and fashion brands can experience and truly visualize responsible values and innovations in the creative fashion industry, and explore the issues driving the contemporary consumer’s conscious motivation towards better and Smarter choices.

We are looking forward to visiting!