sustainable fabrics

Thoughts on style

Obviously AWIIYA is not only an organic project.

First and foremost we love beautiful materials, design, we are obsessed with details and are scrutinizing each and every element of any fabric and garment.

Its basically a passion. And a way of live.

In our thinking, stylish designs combines quality in form, materials and production with consciousness and care. Simplicity and elegance. Clean lines and timelessness in form. Adding just that little edge…


Fabrics, that has a nice feel to the skin, but are produced in way, that is not harmful to nature. We have a vivid interest in silk, cotton and wool of sound quality and a sustainable production profile. We also have keen interest in new fibre based materials such as bamboo, based on their special feel, softness and durability…

Idealistic - yes, naive - no…

In our thinking it is naïve to believe, that we can all just continue as present…we all need to care and make an effort.

Therefore, even at the heart of the textile industry, there are opportunities for balancing the need for conscious choice with design, quality and useability in fabrics, garments and design.

In terms of AWIIYA’s line of business this will be expressed within two main areas



We will explore our thinking further in text and texture as we learn more…